RFGI - eHarmony Collections Assistance

Welcome to RFGI, a dedicated debt collection agency working in conjunction with eHarmony. Our purpose is to assist you in resolving any outstanding debts associated with your eHarmony account. We value your cooperation and will use any information you provide us to help collect the debt.

Understanding Your eHarmony Debt

If you're wondering why you have a debt with eHarmony, it's likely due to the terms of your subscription agreement. When you opted for a paid subscription with eHarmony, you agreed to specific pricing and payment conditions. This agreement includes an automatic subscription renewal to ensure uninterrupted service, which must be turned off before the renewal date to avoid additional charges.

eHarmonys's subscription based plans align with eHarmony's focus on fostering long-term relationships. An unpaid balance arises if your payment method fails during the renewal process or within the active subscription period. This balance might also include charges related to chargebacks.

Prior to transferring your account to our collections process, eHarmony sent multiple notifications regarding your overdue balance to your registered email address.

Our goal is to help you resolve this matter. We have many payment plan options available to assist you.

Initial Term:

If you turned off your automatic renewal during your initial subscription, this only stops your subscription from renewing automatically at the end of your subscription period. Turning off auto-renewal doesn't cancel your initial subscription.

Automatic Renewal:

If you don't turn off your automatic renewal prior to the renewal date, per the terms and conditions, you're responsible for the full cost of the renewed subscription.

For more information regarding eHarmony's cancellation terms and conditions, go to https://support.eharmony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/222/~/how-do-i-cancel-my-subscription

About RFGI

RFGI has built a strong reputation for positive consumer experiences, maintaining a high BBB accredited rating, 4.5+ star reviews on Google and was rated #1 Consumer Collection Agency in 2020 by Business.com. RFGI is also proud member of ACA International (The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) and RMAI (Receivables Management Association International).